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 The User Centered Design game

Making a good design is not just about the looks. We know that there are many aspects to consider. There have been many different approaches on how to put those considerations into reality. There are two main perspectives: as designers we look at the ergonomics, aesthetics, functions, production, etc. and "put" that into our design, or we look at the object and think that every detail of our design will have an impact on every one of those areas. User Centered Design (UCD) may fall into this last approach.

As designers we tend to care only for the creation and forget about the life of the product. We forget that at the end, there will be not just "some" user but someone, a person that is going to be disapointed or fascinated with our product. We always have to keep the user in mind.

It is hard to keep up with reality. We fall so much in love with our projects, that we often think "If I like it, everyone will like my product too". Well, here is a virtual reality check. I made this game as a metaphor on how UCD works. Try to match the products with the users/consumers.

For each customer there is only one product that matches. The idea is to identify which product corresponds to each one of the 10 customers! For example: Paris Hilton may be interested in changing her Sidekick phone after the hacker's attack,  but not for a cheap one!... nor the $10 sunglasses. For her, a $500 Dior shoes might be a good choice. I can't imagine Nam June Paik buying a watergun. I believe he would be more interested on a digital video camera, etc. Have fun!

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