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 On the News :
800kbclick to download On Nov. 2007, The design magazine REDiseņo published this article about Special Kiwis : "Special Kiwis ejemplifica que el diseño bien aplicado puede mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas"
24kbclick to download In March 2000, The Newspaper PUBLICO published this letter with my reply to an art and design manifesto in Guadalajara.

The design magazine O.bjeto from Monterrey published this series of articles about semiology.
(in spanish)

o.bjeto kitsch

60kbclick to download Cultura Industrial
60kbclick to download Mensaje estetico
84kbclick to download La insoportable levedad del kitsch
88kbclick to download Here's an english translation of my article on Kitsch, published by O.bjeto in January 2005.  
104kbclick to download
Coverage of the Multisensory Environment opening, published by MundoTec in October 2007.
mundo tec
1.6MBclick to download Coverage by Mural of the Multisensory Environment opening on October 2007.
11.6MBclick to download Bulletin of Guadalajara City Council covering the opening of the MSE by the City Major on October 2007.
128kbclick to download Bulletin of DIF Guadalajara regarding the opening of the Multisensory Environment.  

Please feel free to download and/or print this files.  

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